Ad oggi mi definisco uno “storyteller” di momenti unici. Racconto storie d’amore in tutte le parti d’Italia, lasciandomi trasportare dalla magia del momento: sguardi, abbracci, carezze e sorrisi sono gli elementi che contraddistinguono i miei wedding film.

Via R. Margherita, 290/b, Barletta (BT)

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Indian Wedding in France

Indian Wedding in France: The Video by Federico Cardone

When two cultures meet and unite in marriage, the result can only be magical. This was the case for Conor and Dashni, who celebrated their love in a dream wedding, blending their Irish and Indian traditions into an event rich in emotions and inspirations.

The wedding video takes us on a journey through traditional dances, joyful songs, rituals, and prayers, creating a unique and engaging atmosphere.

The chosen venue, Chateau de Lartigolle in France, with its rustic beauty reminiscent of Tuscan farmhouses, provided the perfect backdrop for this unforgettable event.

A wedding that spanned multiple days, as is customary for Destination Weddings, giving the bride and groom and their guests time to fully immerse themselves in the magic of the moment. Conor and Dashni, residents of London, could rely on the invaluable help of the venue’s wedding planner, who made the organization of this fairy-tale wedding possible.

A video not to be missed for those who love love stories and diverse cultures.

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