Ad oggi mi definisco uno “storyteller” di momenti unici. Racconto storie d’amore in tutte le parti d’Italia, lasciandomi trasportare dalla magia del momento: sguardi, abbracci, carezze e sorrisi sono gli elementi che contraddistinguono i miei wedding film.

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Wedding in Venice EN


Venice is a fascinating city for the priceless art treasures that it holds: churches, ancient buildings, museums and bridges. We could actually say that the whole town is a work of art, unique work in the world, that has gradually been built in centuries of history from domination, to decadence till the re-emergence.

Venice is a jewel case that preserve that authentic historical and artistic treasures of the world art. However, Venice’s charm, together with the amount of artistic works contained in it, also lies in all the lesser-known, yet incredibly suggestive, additional hidden corners considered the best prospective if you want to capture the true essence of this magical town. those corners are not proposed by the tour guides, they let themselves be unveiled, enchanting the viewers that stroll through calli (streets) and squares.  With the precious contribution of Wedding Fragments and Le Vélo photography, here’s the video of the wonderful event.

“Venice: The magical town where people go looking for those things that they couldn’t find anywhere else”

Would you choose a place of rare beauty for your wedding video? Venice is certainly an sought after destination to celebrate your marriage, a magical, beautiful, timeless town. If you dream of letting tell your wedding film in Venice, you should be aware of choosing a place that lives of wonders and enchantment.

Getting married in Venice means realizing a dream in one of the most fascinating town in the world. The City of Venice gives couples from all over the world the chance to pronounce the words “I do”, plunged into the romantic atmosphere that can only be achieved in the lagoon city. Whether if you decided for an intimate wedding or you wish to make a big party, Venice is be the ideal place to experience and share the memorable emotions of that day.

Beautiful lighting effect in the water accompanying the pleasant and charming Venetian nights, mysterious calli (streets) fill the city with life in the daytime. The unique style of the old buildings will make you spend romantic moments among the unforgettable Venetian gondole and the enchanting waterways. The bright colors of the Venetian islets – Murano, Burano, Torcello – convey timeless poetry, unique flavour. Shy and all to be revealed, the islands of Venice are an ideal location for a refined, distinguished and authentic wedding.

Piazza San Marco, il Ponte dei Sospiri, il Ponte di Rialto e il Palazzo Ducale: unique places and part of a long cultural and artistic history.

Imagine your wedding guests in Venice for the fist time: the memory of your Venetian wedding will be even more intense, a great gift for you and your guests, all of whom will surely preserve it in the heart as a precious treasure.  Getting married in Venice means discovering the beauty of the “city on water“, being in love with everything. Venice will make your wedding a triumph of romance and exclusiveness, essentiality and preciousness. It will be an ideal location for a wedding party with twinkling or mood lighting, in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Through my video, you will be able to feel all the sensations, the energy and the spontaneity of such a strong emotion.

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