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7 Advantages Of a Winter Wedding

Photo Credit: Amarilis photography di Marilisa Spinazzola

The celebration of a wedding is one of those moments that are as important as they are complex to organise. Building the perfect ceremony involves many variables: the costs that must be within the initial budget, the guest list to be drawn up well in advance so as not to run the risk of sudden changes, the choice of the event location, the organisation of the photo and video service and, above all, the most unpredictable factor of all, the weather! It is often pointed out that the best seasons to get married are spring and even more so summer.

Whether it is for the chance to take advantage of warm, relaxing atmospheres or to enjoy the vibrant colours of summer, the warmer months of the year are the most popular for organising a wedding, but what too many people underestimate is the opportunity to use the winter window to choose when the most important day in a couple’s life will take place. The coldest time of the year might seem like a hindrance to planning such an event, but on the contrary it has more than one reason to be a great idea.


As we have already mentioned, the idea of using the winter season to organise a wedding has several strong points that make it more and more attractive despite its temperature. Among the most important advantages we have:


irrespective of the location chosen for the event, the winter season has the advantage of guaranteeing a greater margin of options for the exact period in which the fateful day will fall.


against all expectations, getting married in winter could be the most welcome solution for the guests, as they are certainly more fascinated by enjoying a winter weekend in the warmth rather than giving up even an hour of sea during the summer.


another very pleasant note concerns the final bill for setting up the event. In fact, the winter period is considered low season and consequently will mean a considerable saving on the budget, which, why not, could be the same invested in the wedding to make the whole duration of the ceremony even more unforgettable.


the colder temperature will give the opportunity to fill the menu with warm and characteristic winter dishes, which will certainly make all the guests happy.


The reception will be indoor, regardless of the weather, so there will be no need to constantly check the weather as the wedding approaches.


making the most important day of a couple’s life coincide with the Christmas period is one of the most original and entertaining solutions to be implemented; with themed decorations, illuminated sets and, of course, the bright colours typical of the festivities, there will be plenty of choice for organising a day out of the ordinary.


the winter scenery will offer plenty of ideas to set a specific tone for the ceremony, so you can let your imagination run wild, from decorations to a particular theme to characterise the event, and build a ceremony that is stunning in every detail.

These are some of the most interesting reasons that make the winter wedding an alternative to the typical summer solution, with the peculiarity of having the opportunity to organise an event outside of the norm, with all the credentials to be not only remembered, but above all envied by all!


One of the most important roles during the course of the event is that of the wedding videographer, who will have the task of capturing every facet of the ceremony in the best possible way. And the opportunity to organise a winter wedding becomes a truly incredible solution to make the reportage unique. There are in fact many details that could give that extra touch to the making of the event video, for example we can find:

GAMES OF LIGHT: depending on the time of day of the event, the winter setting can offer more combinations for your wedding film. Whether it is clear and transparent during the day or contrasting and evocative in the evening, the winter setting will provide breathtaking video sequences.

LOCATION: any self-respecting wedding video must have a worthy backdrop, and the winter season allows for a wide choice of locations with a romantic, cinematic feel. Whether or not it’s a castle or a country house, the aesthetic details of these settings, from the décor to the surrounding nature, will make all the difference for an unforgettable reportage.

THE ATMOSPHERE: the winter season is characterised by special settings which, despite the unfavourable period for nature, allow you to admire landscapes with truly fascinating contours, enhanced by certain colour combinations worthy of the best magic stories. All this only increases the possible scenarios for the best wedding video you could wish for, from snowy landscapes to contrasting nature, the solutions are truly many!

THE BRIDE’S DRESS: whether in photos or video, the bride’s point of view is at the heart of any reportage and the wedding videographer cannot miss the opportunity to make the wedding dress the centre of attention, enhanced by winter-themed details. From the dominant colour to the accessories, the bride’s winter dress would be the perfect subject for any cover!


Everything that could turn out to be an unexpected event can often be an opportunity for an unexpected solution. Getting married in winter during the coldest season of the year is increasingly proving to be an enviable and increasingly popular solution. The multitude of ideas that this time of year allows to make reality are the key that is convincing more and more couples to choose the snowy atmosphere as a setting for their most important day.

Federico Cardone

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