Ad oggi mi definisco uno “storyteller” di momenti unici. Racconto storie d’amore in tutte le parti d’Italia, lasciandomi trasportare dalla magia del momento: sguardi, abbracci, carezze e sorrisi sono gli elementi che contraddistinguono i miei wedding film.


Dove Sposarsi in Puglia

The best wedding venues in Puglia


The beautiful season has always been the preferred time for future spouses to celebrate the most important day of their lives. Unlike those who choose to marry in winter, summer has numerous advantages: thanks to the long days and warm weather, you can enjoy a wedding that everyone, guests included, will surely remember fondly.

The sea is certainly the most appreciated location for future spouses. Thanks to the long days, a sunset dinner, and outdoor dancing until the early hours, that day will be memorable.

If you don’t know where to get married in Puglia, the so-called heel of Italy’s boot, below we suggest the best wedding venues in this magnificent region. Aside from weddings, Puglia deserves to be visited at least once in a lifetime. Rich in history, culture, and nature, the region has always been a tourist destination. From Gargano to Salento, every corner of this wonderful land will leave you in awe.

Anyone fortunate enough to spend a few days in Puglia has been pleasantly surprised by what the region has to offer, not only from a culinary perspective. So, if you’re thinking of organizing your wedding in this sun-kissed region with crystal-clear seas, we suggest some locations that certainly deserve your attention.


The Masseria Tenimento San Giuseppe is an ancient structure, surrounded by greenery, framed by holm oaks and olive trees. Its 400-year history continues successfully to this day. The walls of San Giuseppe outline the masseria, which can accommodate up to 600 people. Easily accessible from any direction, the estate also features a magnificent swimming pool.

The most historically valuable element is undoubtedly the grain pits, a symbol of a past that cannot be forgotten. Tenimento San Giuseppe was also the location where the wedding of Alessia Macari and Oliver Kragl was celebrated.


Borgo Egnazia is a luxurious resort located in the splendid region of Puglia, Italy. This enchanting complex combines traditional Apulian architecture with exclusive design, offering a discreet and authentic luxury environment. Its structures, made of local stone, recreate the atmosphere of ancient villages. The resort boasts finely furnished rooms, villas, and common spaces, combining modern comfort with the charm of local craftsmanship.

Borgo Egnazia offers a wide range of services, including pools, restaurants serving local and international cuisine, and a luxurious wellness center. The property stands out for attention to detail and personalized service offered to its guests. Moreover, the resort offers unique experiences, such as excursions in the surrounding countryside, visits to characteristic villages in Puglia, and cooking classes to discover the secrets of local gastronomy.

In short, Borgo Egnazia is an oasis of luxury, tranquility, and beauty, offering an unforgettable experience for those seeking an exclusive stay immersed in the culture and nature of Puglia.


Masseria San Giovanni is immersed in a charming landscape, surrounded by ancient olive trees, citrus gardens, vegetable gardens, and fragrant Mediterranean shrubs. The Masseria dates back to 1600, and its architectural style reflects the typical traits of fortified farms in the region. The structure has been restored according to local traditions, using authentic materials and preserving original elements, with the main goal of safeguarding the monumental significance of the masseria in global architectural history.

On the site, there is a modest 17th-century church called the “Madonna della Madia,” which served as a place of worship and gathering for residents, workers, and visitors of the masseria in the past. Today, this church represents a serene place for celebrations and contemplation, inviting guests to sit and enjoy the tranquility.

Scattered throughout the estate are charming spaces where visitors can relax, enjoy a lunch or a personalized picnic in the shade of trees, practice meditation among fruit trees, find peace with a book in the corners of old stables, and take a dip in the saltwater pool that harmoniously blends into the majestic landscape. Authentic hospitality is about making guests feel completely at ease.

The interiors radiate warmth and comfort, embracing a philosophy of understated elegance that gives each suite a distinctive personality and uniqueness. In common areas, you can enjoy fresh air, savor snacks and drinks, and peruse our selection of books housed in the former olive oil pressing room. Masseria San Giovanni is located in the hamlet of Montalbano di Fasano, along the historic Via Traiana, an ancient Roman road that once connected the Holy Land to Rome.


Built towards the end of the 19th century, Masseria Traetta has recently benefited from a careful and meticulous restoration process. Located in a vast park of over 40 hectares, surrounded by olive groves and woods, this masseria offers an atmosphere of grandeur both in the surrounding park and the building itself, promising intense emotions that, once the internal structure is visited, will not fail to amaze.

The masseria’s restaurant offers exquisite dishes typical of Puglian cuisine, prepared with fresh and local ingredients. The authentic tastes of the region provide a memorable culinary experience, guaranteeing a palate journey through unique and authentic flavors that will remain indelible in the memory of anyone who tastes them.


In the 16th century, the history of Castello Monaci begins, as attested by documents from the Catasto Onciario of Salice Salentino. This castle, named after the settlement of Basilian Monks, was used as a place of prayer, meditation, and refuge for those in need. Located in the Italian region of Puglia, in the heart of Salento, amid ancient vineyards and centuries-old olive trees, Castello Monaci stands imposingly with its ivy-covered massive towers, palms, and lush gardens.

This site from the past welcomes the future, manifesting in the joy of a child at the moment of their first communion, the happiness of a group of friends, the projects of a new business, or new ideas, as well as the dreams of a young couple celebrating the most beautiful day of their lives.


After presenting the various locations, certainly, if you are organizing your wedding, you might and should be interested, in addition to the wedding photographer, in the figure of the wedding videographer, who is responsible for giving voice and color to the emotions of the most important day of your life. In the dedicated article, we explain why you should choose a photographer and videographer separately.

Federico Cardone, a professional videographer, creates wedding videos not only in Puglia but throughout Italy, in the most exclusive locations. Federico Cardone represents with the image a space in motion that goes beyond the traditional limits of cinematic filmmaking.

The role of the videographer, which has gained more and more popularity in recent years, is increasingly chosen by couples of future spouses who want to carry an indelible memory of their wedding.

Capturing a detail, a gaze, or a simple emotion: this is the challenging task of the videomaker, a skill that Federico Cardone‘s portfolio fully confirms. Future spouses? Contact me!

Federico Cardone

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