Ad oggi mi definisco uno “storyteller” di momenti unici. Racconto storie d’amore in tutte le parti d’Italia, lasciandomi trasportare dalla magia del momento: sguardi, abbracci, carezze e sorrisi sono gli elementi che contraddistinguono i miei wedding film.


Elopement: a new approach to intimate wedding

Who has never dreamed of an elopement with their soul mate to seal the eternal promise? It almost seems like we’re talking about a Hollywood film or a fairy tale. Actually we are talking about one of the latest trends: THE ELOPEMENT.

The word Elopement comes from the English verb “to elope” and literally translates as “to flee without looking back”. The trend in vogue has spread in recent years especially among foreign couples who choose a place other than their residence to get married. It is therefore an exclusive ceremony in which the two lovers secretly exchange promises of eternal love or with the presence of a few close friends, and it can have a religious, civil or simply symbolic nature.

The chosen destination can be a city that sentimentally has significant importance in the love story of the couple for various reasons: that it is the place of origin of the families of the spouses, the destination where they met; or simply a place to later spend the much desired “Honeymoon”. Among the most popular destinations there are Caribbean beaches, large European cities, but among these, the Bel Paese certainly could not be missing with its breathtaking landscapes.


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There are several reasons why a couple could prefer Italy as a destination for their elopement. As well as for personal reasons, for the charm of its landscapes already mentioned above, such as the enchanting Lake Como, or the romantic city of Verona with its magical atmosphere given by the intense and passionate story of Romeo and Juliet. The warm hospitality that distinguishes the people of the peninsula, the good cuisine, the art and culture that characterize it, are also some of the reasons why many couples coming mainly from the New Continent pronounce the fateful I DO !

Impossible to give up the picturesque landscape of beautiful Venice, in which to enjoy a suggestive gondola ride through its canals. Lovers of Renaissance art and architecture will certainly be attracted by the irresistible charm of Florence, but if the sun, fashion and a crystal clear sea are what you prefer, you cannot fail to choose the wonderful island of Capri or Positano, the so-called vertical, with whose characteristic houses you will feel like you are living in a beautiful postcard. Again, she cannot be missing: eternal Rome, it is precisely here that the Priest Valentino married couples in love in Roman times at the cost of his own life. If this is not love! But if you prefer the simplicity and genuineness of rural landscapes for your Country Chic wedding, Puglia will be happy to welcome you warmly.


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The main feature is precisely intimacy, therefore, what better country than Italy full of ancient villages, fertile vineyards or romantic farms immersed in nature to live a genuine experience like the crowning of one’s Love? In fact, Italy is full of these sites where peace and tranquility are the masters, which is why it remains among the favorite destinations. Its charm takes us back to times past, moving us away from the now chaotic routine.



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Contrary to what one might think, an Elopement is not a ceremony to be organized in an approximate way. The best advice is to entrust yourself to the expert hands of a Wedding Planner, who with an accurate knowledge of the situation and the place and with great dedication to his work can plan the whole event carefully, to allow the bride and groom to experience their big day just like they always dreamed of. After all, who would ever risk leaving everything to fate on one of the most memorable days of their life?


In fact, one of the advantages of an Elopement is the cost. This does not mean that it is limited compared to the big celebration, but it allows future spouses to focus on details that are particularly relevant to them, because in the end they are the ones that make the difference, right?!


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Among the most important choices, not to be underestimated, that of the Videographer stands out. On such a romantic day full of love, every look is unique and unrepeatable, and it is important to immortalize it accurately. This is the role of the Wedding Videographer, capturing furtive and imperceptible moments through an elopement film, to arouse the same precise and identical emotions even after some time and freeze the solemn promise.

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