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The Best Churches for Weddings in Apulia

No one will certainly be offended if Apulia is included among the most beautiful regions of our peninsula. Rich in history and tradition, this strip of land is a true gem, bathed by the Adriatic and Ionian Seas. Always a destination for tourists, both Italian and international, Apulia boasts crystal-clear waters, among the purest in the Boot.

Chosen not only for vacations, this region is often chosen as the ideal location by couples of future spouses who select it for the most important day of their lives. So, if you are thinking of organizing your wedding in Apulia, we suggest the best churches in which to pledge eternal love.

Trani Cathedral

Trani Cathedral, located in the beautiful coastal city of Trani, in Apulia, is a place of exceptional beauty and historical significance. In addition to being a Romanesque architectural marvel, the cathedral is also a very popular venue for weddings.

Couples who choose to celebrate their wedding in Trani at this charming cathedral find a unique and romantic atmosphere, thanks to the grandeur of its nave, marble columns, antique mosaics, and the natural light filtering through stained glass windows. The cathedral provides a picturesque setting for exchanging vows and pledging eternal love.

Its location overlooking the Adriatic Sea adds a special touch to the ceremonies, offering a breathtaking backdrop for wedding photographs. Furthermore, the cathedral hosts an underground crypt that adds an aura of mystery and intimacy to wedding celebrations.

Trani Cathedral is an extraordinary place where the sacred and the secular merge in a unique experience, making every wedding an unforgettable event. Its millennia-old history, architectural magnificence, and panoramic view of the sea make it an extraordinary choice for couples wishing to start their life together in an extraordinary setting.

Barsento Church

The Church of Santa Maria di Barsento, located in the picturesque region of Noci in Apulia, is a place steeped in history and mystery. Its ancient origins date back to time immemorial, with evidence dating back to the Bronze Age, when this panoramic hill was already a landmark for travelers moving between the Adriatic and Ionian areas.

In this place, once inhabited by Messapian populations, stands the church dedicated to Santa Maria, which once housed a monastic community known as the “clerics of Barsento.” This community has roots dating back to at least the 11th century, and the settlement of Barsento developed around it. The surrounding area has revealed evidence of ancient rural life, including the discovery of a vast medieval burial ground. These archaeological findings, including the burials of men, children, and women, suggest a significant human and cultural presence in this place centuries ago.

The Church of Santa Maria di Barsento, with its strategic location and millennial history, is one of the most charming churches for weddings in Apulia. The atmosphere of ancient beauty and mystery, combined with the breathtaking view overlooking the surrounding valley, makes this place ideal for couples who wish to start their life together in a setting rich in history and meaning. The ancient paths crisscrossing the surroundings, from Taranto to Monopoli and from Bari to Norba and Barsento, add an extra touch of romance to this unique wedding location.

San Matteo Evangelista Convent

The Convent of San Matteo Evangelista, also known as the “convent of San Giovanni in Lamis,” is a historical and spiritual site on the slopes of Mount Celano in Apulia, Italy. This place has a rich history, with evidence dating back to the 5th-4th century. Today, the convent is a destination for weddings due to its evocative and historical setting. The convent was founded by Benedictine monks in 1007 and has gone through periods of prosperity and crisis, but it now offers a unique backdrop for exchanging vows and pledging eternal love.

The presence of a relic attributed to San Matteo Evangelista has attracted pilgrims over the centuries. Even today, traditions such as anointing with oil from the lamp near the relic are kept alive. The convent has been constantly visited by pilgrims, with an increase in recent years due to the influx of visitors to San Giovanni Rotondo, the resting place of San Pio da Pietrelcina.

The Convent of San Matteo Evangelista is located in the picturesque Gargano National Park, offering a unique scenic setting. In addition to its spiritual importance, the convent houses an impressive library with over 60,000 volumes and a collection of artworks.

Today, this ancient convent is also a special place for weddings, offering an extraordinary setting for wedding ceremonies. Its rich history and evocative environment combine to create a unique experience where the spiritual and cultural heritage of the area merges with celebrations of love and joy.

Monopoli Cathedral

Monopoli Cathedral, dedicated to the Madonna della Madia, is a place of extraordinary beauty and historical significance located in a picturesque Baroque setting. The cathedral houses the miraculous icon of the Madonna della Madia, which miraculously arrived in the port of Monopoli at dawn on December 16, 1117.

This event is celebrated every year with a heartfelt reenactment that involves the entire city and solemnly on August 15, with illuminations and fireworks. The original cathedral was built in 1107 on top of a previous pre-Romanesque church, and its construction was completed ten years later using the beams from the raft that brought the precious icon to the city.

Today, Monopoli Cathedral, completely rebuilt in the 18th century, stands as one of the most beautiful Baroque churches in Apulia. Its monumental façade and towering bell tower make it an architectural gem. The interior, recently restored, offers astonishing brightness, with rich decoration in polychrome marbles and valuable artworks, including paintings by Giovanni Bernardo Lama, Stefano Buono, Palma il Giovane, and Francesco De Mura, as well as sculptures by Giuseppe Sammartino.

This cathedral, with its magnificent atmosphere and millennial history, represents an extraordinary place to celebrate weddings. Its architectural and artistic beauties create an enchanting backdrop for exchanging vows and pledging eternal love. Monopoli Cathedral is the ideal place for couples who desire a wedding immersed in beauty and tradition, surrounded by the art and spirituality of this fascinating place.

Ostuni Cathedral

Ostuni Cathedral, with its late Gothic façade and rich Baroque interior, is an extraordinary place for unforgettable weddings. Its architectural features provide a charming backdrop for wedding ceremonies. The façade is adorned with elegant pointed arches and rosettes, while the interior is characterized by painted ceilings and Baroque chapels.

This cathedral offers an evocative setting for exchanging vows and pledging eternal love. Its history and unique atmosphere will make your special day even more memorable. Ostuni Cathedral is the ideal place to celebrate your love in an environment filled with beauty and history.

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