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Reason why you should hire a Wedding Planner for your special day

Reason why you should hire a Wedding Planner for your special day

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In the course of your life you can often find yourself fantasizing about your wedding day, and even though the imagination can indulge itself, the sweet reality takes on a different value. Organizing a wedding, however, costs time and trouble, to say nothing of the economic cost, and also you don’t always have the chance to better manage all the activities and events required for the wedding day. In order to solve this problem, more and more couples decide to rely on a high professional figure called “wedding planner”, which is responsible for assisting clients in planning entire weddings with all the task included in the process. In the following lines we will analyze the reasons why hiring a wedding planner for your wedding can be a correct choice.

Who is a wedding planner?

Before exploring the reasons that might encourage you to hire a wedding planner for your wedding, we need to define this professional figure in order to be on the same wavelength. The wedding planner, is an expert who assist clients that are about to get married with planning and management of the wedding day, helping them since the first moments. Although in Italy it is a well-known figure, this professional is still little required, it is therefore essential to identify the wedding planner as person that works at the highest level. Often one makes the mistake of imagining a wedding planner as a friend, who does his best to manage the various stages of the wedding, but actually he is much more than that; he is able to carry out its task in a rational way, performing it with a surprising seriousness.

Top 10 reasons to hire a wedding planner

Once have discovered the importance of this professional figure, it is time to analyse the reasons that could lead you to hire a wedding planner.

1. Saving your time

Many couples do underestimate the time required for search of: location, videographer, photographer and all the other suppliers needed. Although estimating a precise amount of time is difficult to calculate, the average for a traditional wedding might 300 hours. As you can easily imagine, by making a quick calculation, we can affirm that planning a wedding will costs you days wasted in dealing with phone calls and with lots of details to take care.

Considering that, if you work, the free time left is reduced to the minimum, the question to ask is: “How do you solve such a difficult task?” Well, the “wedding planner” is the solution. This is the perfect figure that makes you saving time, as he takes care nearly completely of the activities related to the wedding. Also, remember that the wedding planner will follow your wishes 100%, preventing unwanted surprise on your wedding day.

2. Saving your money

Even though the wedding planner has a cost, this important figure has the ability to effectively manage your budget. Its known that couples have a cap on what they can pay, and often this ends up being overspent due to the lack of competence in terms of costs, extra activities, or maybe for unwillingness or lack of time to compare different favorable solutions. Instead, the wedding planner, once decided the total budget, will keep under strict control every economic aspect and will manage to weigh everything with balance, according to the tastes of the couple, of course.

3. Get away from stress and tiredness

When you talk to a bride who has decided to organize her wedding by herself, do you notice something different? A bride who needs to manage her own wedding is surely more stressed and fatigued. Stress is not only caused from the countless events to be chained together but also to the potential unforeseen problems that may come up without having the material time to solve them. The figure of the wedding planner, while it does not replace the most important decisions or your will, it is essential to get rid of stress and fatigue.

4. Consolidated relationship with suppliers

A very significant aspect is certainly the relationship with suppliers. More and more couples underestimate how important it is that the wedding planner has a consolidated relationship with suppliers, which guarantees the seriousness and professionalism, as well as the quality of the final work. There are good professional relationships between suppliers and wedding planners in which, during the event, they work in symbiosis and tranquility: in fact, suppliers, when there is a wedding planner involved, they know perfectly what will happen at any time and they also know how to add value to very important aspects for the  bride and groom.

5. Emphasizing the details

Let’s move away for a moment from the professional characteristics of wedding planner in terms of experience, and focus more on another very important aspect to consider, and that is natural skills. You must have spent some time trying to select the most beautiful flowers and colors that you love, but the questions that will be going around your head all the time will be: “Did I make the right decision for that? Who’s going to look at those on the wedding day? So, to ensure that details are properly taken care on the wedding day, the figure of the wedding planner is indispensable, as it will be the person who will keep under control every detail in a discreet manner just like in your dreams.

6. Yours will be a prestigious wedding

More and more couples, especially Americans, hire a wedding planner to give prestige to their wedding. It’s easy to understand how much a professional in the field of wedding organization raises the level of the wedding exponentially. A personality of this type is synonymous with trendy, good taste, attention to detail and high level wedding. Not surprisingly, foreign couples who choose Italy as the destination of the wedding, often have a wedding planner who organizes their wedding in the most exclusive locations in Italy.

7. You can have quiet night’s

As well as stress and fatigue, a “wedding planner” can also be very useful and give you a peaceful dreams. In fact, some brides complain about having suffered from insomnia because of the thoughts related to the organization of wedding. The strong desire to find the perfect color, or make the right choice can cause you too many thoughts and some restless nights. By hiring a “wedding planner” you can sleep peacefully and leave him (or her) the most complicated thoughts.

8. Guests will never feel neglected

Very often the moment of welcoming the guests is neglected; on your wedding day you will be very busy with greetings, best wishes and congratulation…Those delicate moments require the presence of the bride and groom, and you don’t want to miss this moment, right? A wedding planner will welcome guests and give useful information to your relatives and friends, cuddling them and making them feel as an important part of the day. Imagine being with your wedding videographer in Puglia for the shooting, without being able to focus on it because you are thinking about  how much your guest can feel neglected; Instead, with the wedding planner you can enjoy the wedding shooting and especially the beauty of the landscapes and the most beautiful views of the region.

9. Unexpected problem solving

The last reason but not the least  is related to the possible unforeseen that could come out during the wedding. The emotion of the fateful “yes” will lead you to be particularly exited and usually in this state of euphoria it’s difficult to be clearly headed to be able to solve the unexpected issue popping up. A wedding planner, with his mental clarity, can totally help you in many problems as a dress unstitched or other small hitches.

10. You might get a new friend

Once you have decided to hire a professional in this sector, you will have to deal with him(her) every day, he will become your listener, you will talk about your dreams, outbursts, worries and uncertainties from that moment on, until the wedding. It’s not a rare between the wedding planners and brides can take form a sort o true friendship that resists time and distance.


Choosing a wedding planner could be the perfect solution to enjoy your wedding in a peacefulness state, sure that every detail and every situation is going to be perfectly managed by a professional who will put his passion and heart in your service.

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