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Differenze tra videografo e fotografo

Why choose Photographer and Videographer separately

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When it comes to organising your wedding, we know that there are many and varied things to look out for. You also need to be careful not to make the mistake of entrusting your memories to one person for two jobs that need the same amount of professionalism and expertise. The ideal, as will be explained later, is to choose the two professionals separately. This will allow you to obtain results that exceed your expectations.

Why choose a separate photographer and videographer?

When you are planning your dream wedding, you will also need to make sure you get in touch with the professionals who will be capturing the most important day of your life. That’s why you should have clear ideas, especially on one crucial point, namely the choice of wedding videographer and photographer who will impress you with their professionalism and the emotions they will convey through their work.

Unfortunately, there is still a widespread legacy in the Italian wedding photography industry, namely that of offering couples the traditional package including photos and video. Today, however, given the high quality of independent videographers in the market, it is strongly discouraged to opt for a complete package, unless it is offered by both professionals.

On this point it is necessary to make a clarification. There are currently many companies that offer both photographic and video services, simply because they collaborate with videographers who work in the same studio in partnership or with exclusive collaborations. In these situations, opting for the all-inclusive package could prove to be a good choice, because the company has all the credentials to guarantee quality results, given that it uses two separate professionals who work in synergy with each other.

On the other hand, when the company offers you the traditional package, perhaps as a simple commercial strategy, in the absence of a qualified videographer or using third-party collaborators, it is always better to stay away. There is a high risk of paying for a service that is disappointing and not in line with quality standards.

Choice of videographer and photographer aside

Of course, everyone is free to work as they see fit and to make use of external collaborators, but it is also fair to explain to bridal couples the limits of certain practices. The dynamic of contracting out is in fact a bit complex and could be dangerous. Generally speaking, the photographic studio asks for the support of a video maker, choosing one of those that offer fairly low prices. The videomaker, on the other hand, may accept the assignment under certain conditions, such as production limitations and other compromises that ultimately lower the quality of the work.

At this point, it will not be difficult for you to realise that what you are paying for will be a standardised job, carried out without any particular attention to detail, but above all carried out with little motivation. It should also be taken into account that couples who choose photo and video packages in most cases come into contact with the videomaker on their wedding day. This is a very important aspect. The videomaker will not have any confidential relationship with the bride and groom and this has a profound effect on the success of the project. The same applies to the videomaker/filmmaker, who will often not know anything about your wedding.

Video photo packages: are they affordable?

When you buy a photo and video package you will eventually sign the contract with the photographer, without knowing anything about the videomaker. In fact, the photographer will tend to prioritise his work, heavily penalising the video part, which is marginal for him. This does not mean that the photographer will not take care of the wedding video at all, but more simply that he will try to ensure that you get a standard result that will certainly not shine in terms of originality and creativity.

This policy will work if all parties are in agreement and, above all, if the bride and groom agree. Otherwise, it is better to look elsewhere and choose the photographer and videographer separately, thus ensuring that you are aiming for the highest quality.

So ask yourself what advantages there are in commissioning an independent videographer. First of all, you will be able to have direct contact with this professional, so you will be able to explain what your wishes are and you will be able to forge a bond that will make the final effect natural and spontaneous. The videographer will be able to work in complete serenity, without any contractual constraints imposed by the photographer, using all his technique and above all getting to know the bride and groom well. You can also request additional services and talk about your ideas at any time.

Final thoughts on wedding videos

Photography and videography in the wedding world are two very similar activities, but when you look at them closely they have differences. The services are not interchangeable and one does not replace the other. This is why there are photography studios and others that deal exclusively with video. Companies that work with freelance videomakers will almost always tend to put more emphasis on photography.

So why sacrifice a lot of the creative possibilities offered by video? Selecting two different people will allow you to aim for the highest quality or entrust the work to professionals who best represent your tastes and are able to tell the story of your union in an authoritative manner.

Basically, when you know the service providers directly, each of them will be able to carry out their work in the best possible way. Individual contracts will allow you to receive the video independently of the photos and vice versa, and any requirements you may have will have no intermediary.

Luigi Perrone

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